From Tiger Wood’s Website: 

MusclePharm Corporation (OTCQB: MSLP), a scientifically driven, performance-lifestyle sports nutrition company, today announced it has signed a multi-year endorsement agreement with Tiger Woods. This agreement includes sponsorship of Tiger’s golf bag. The partnership officially begins July 1, 2014.

Woods will also be featured in MusclePharm advertisements and commercials. He will further support the brand via appearances and social media promotion. 

“Tiger Woods is more than a golfer,” Brad Pyatt, chairman and CEO of MusclePharm, said. “He is an elite athlete possessing legendary work ethic and determination, as well as a focus on remaining in top physical shape. We are excited to work with Tiger to bring more attention to nutritional science and how it can enhance strength and overall athletic performance — and most importantly — fuel athletes safely.”

“One of the keys to success as an athlete is making sure you are fueling your body properly, which is at the core of MusclePharm’s mission,” Woods said. “This golf bag venture is a great way to launch this partnership. I look forward to working with MusclePharm to help people achieve their peak physical form.” 

In addition to Tiger, MusclePharm’s stable of endorsers include Arnold Schwarzenegger and professional football players Eric Decker and Colin Kaepernick. MusclePharm is also the official supplement provider of Ultimate Fighting Championship® (UFC) and USA Wrestling. 


It seems as though MusclePharm with this recent signing has took the industry to an entirely new level.  This will obviously put them in a strong position to market their products to the golfing community.  I certainly can’t wait to see how this goes down.