Advocare Muscle Gain Vanilla Canister

Product Description
Muscle GainTM is made of a high-grade metabolically balanced protein blend that feeds your muscles the amino acids and other components that are essential for protein synthesis and muscle building. Because muscles need much more than just protein for optimal function, Muscle Gain adds important vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin C, calcium and vitamin B-6 to give your body the balanced support it needs to help build muscle and maintain improved health. DIRECTIONS For ages 12 and older. Blend, shake or briskly stir contents of two slightly rounded scoops into 8 fluid ounces of water or the beverage of your choice. Can be blended with fresh or frozen fruit for flavor variety. NOTICE: Use this product as a food supplement only. Do not use for weight reduction.

Price: $88.95

  • Contains 25 grams of high-grade, easily digestible protein per serving
  • Provides nutritional support for increased muscle mass
  • Enhances physical performance and endurance
  • Supports enzyme production and muscle metabolic processes
  • Helps maintain and restore energy supplies during and after physical activity

Fitness exercise machines for the home are very popular and one of the most useful and easy to use is an exercise bike. However, it is not just a matter of going out and buying the first one you see that’s within your budget! You really need to do some research first to determine the type of exercise bike that is right for you and the features that you will want it to include. You will have to decide between a recumbent and upright bike and to find out if it is easy to adjust and comfortable to use.

How Much Do You Want to Spend?

Of course this is usually the most significant consideration but you shouldn’t go for the lowest cost exercise bike available as it may perhaps not last for very long, be easy to use or give you good exercise. A beginner’s bike at a minimum will set you back roughly $ 200, and even though this will be adequate it probably won’t have any of the features that can be found on higher priced training bikes. For a small amount more, between $ 300 and $ 650 you will get a higher quality exercise bike with some features such as magnetic resistance, heart rate control, a comfy seat and generally quiet and smooth operation.

For roughly $ 550 you will be able to buy a first-rate exercise bike with all the features you may want. For this price you ought to expect loads of built-in workout programs, simple to use resistance control and LED display console, handlebars that are effortless to modify and a very good guarantee.

Comfort of the Exercise Bike

Certainly your exercise bike needs to be comfortable as you will be using it for quite long periods. You will need a well padded seat and handlebars that can be adjusted easily. Are you going to buy an upright or recumbent exercise bike? Many people think that recumbent exercise bikes are more comfortable to use than upright exercise bikes as you sit in a more reclined position which puts less stress on your back. Upright exercise bikes, even though they are not nearly as comfy, do have the benefit that you can effortlessly boost the intensity of the workout by pedalling standing up just like you would on a normal bike.

Adjusting the Resistance

Exercise bike resistance is adjustable in two ways. A good number of the lower cost models use tension and a belt, more expensive models use magnetic resistance which is quieter and more reliable. Exercise bikes that use magnetic resistance usually use a button or knob. A button is easier to use.

Monitoring Your Heart Rate

It is particularly crucial to be able to keep an eye on your heart rate while training as this is the whole aim of riding your exercise bike in the first place! Always purchase an exercise bike with a built-in pulse rate monitor so that you can adjust your training accordingly. Almost all the exercise bikes do have this though less expensive ones will often just have a pulse rate monitor integrated into the handlebars. The more expensive exercise bikes will have workouts that are driven by your heart rate so they adjust automatically to keep your pulse rate at a level that you fix. This is a very nice aspect but not vital if you can’t manage to pay for it.

Integral Workout Programs

Many of the less expensive exercise bikes do not have workout built-in programs. Even though you may believe this is not too much of a shortcoming you will find that merely sitting on the bike and pedalling will turn out to be tedious very rapidly! With exercise programs you can adjust your exercising and the feedback you get will assist with your motivation. Consoles that give you feedback on distance covered,calories burned and heart rate etc. certainly do aid your enthusiasm and keep you exercising for much longer. Nearly all of the exercise bikes in the middle range i.e. between approximately $ 300 and $ 600 will give you a realistic collection of integral workouts and a fairly good display. More expensive exercise bikes i.e. in the $ 650 and over range will have a very wide range of workouts and first-rate displays with a complete range of feedback information.


With exercise bikes, as with all fitness exercise machines you will only get what you pay for so buying the cheapest bike you can find is not really the best or most economical plan. If you buy a cheap bike that is flimsy and uncomfortable you won’t use it for very long and it will be waste of money. better to pay a little more, get a better quality exercise bike and enjoy your workouts.

For more information and some good deals on home exercise machines visit Recumbent Exercise Bikes or see Upright Exercise Bikes

[MIZON] Peptide 500 30ml (1.01 fl.oz.)

Product Description
Main Ingredient:
*Reinforces skin elasticity – Copper tripeptide-1, Human oiligopeptide-1, Palmitoyl pentapeptide-4, Acetyl hexapeptide-8
*Pentapeptide-13 – Keeps skin moisturized – Hyaluronic acid, Beta glucan
How to Use :
Apply an appropriate amount onto face after cleansing and dab until absorbed.

Mizon Brand Story
Mizon started in Korea from the 5 researchers’ small but big concern of delivering cosmetics with high quality ingredients to a wider group of customers. 5 researchers from a leading Korean Beauty Brand came together with a smart and reasonable idea that price and quality does not have to be proportional. Mizon carries the passion of longing for the best quality while focusing on the basics.

Price: $14.80

  • Peptide 45% contained – highly concentrated solution Essential Factor Solution
  • Controls elastin and collagen, essential for skin tightening, eliminates active oxygen which promotes aging to provide moisturized and elastic skin texture. EFS(essential factor solution) absorbed into skin quickly.
  • Highly concentrated peptide promotes the growth of collagen and elastin and protects skin from free radical oxygen, firming skin. Also, enriched hyaluronic acid maintains skin well hydrated.
  • No artificial coloring, fragrance or paraben contained

VB- PreWorkout Energy & Focus – SUPERCHARGE your workout – Blue Raspberry Flavor – 30 Servings

Product Description
SAY GOODBYE TO YOUR LOW ENERGY WORKOUTS. Vitamin Bounty Pre-Workout is a cutting-edge supplement that will boost your energy in the gym, and increase your focus and strength throughout your workout. Whether you are weight-lifting or building your endurance, you’ll get the most out of our workouts by integrating Vitamin Bounty Pre-Workout into your healthy lifestyle.
Arginine Alpha-ketoglutarate (AAKG) will maximize the beneficial muscle-building effects of working out, helping you get visible and tangible results faster. We’ve also packed each serving with Citrulline Malate to limit your fatigue as you go through your workout, and provide energy throughout your time in the gym.
We stand by the taste of our product, and have perfected the flavors over the course of many years of R&D. We will not release a new flavor unless we’re confident you’ll love it.

Price: $29.97

  • BOOST YOUR ENERGY AND FOCUS – Vitamin Bounty Pre-Workout is a cutting-edge supplement that will boost your energy in the gym, and increase your focus and strength throughout your workout. Whether you are weight-lifting or building your endurance, you’ll get the most out of our workouts by integrating Vitamin Bounty Pre-Workout into your healthy lifestyle.
  • DESIGNED FOR SUSTAINED, POWERFUL WORKOUTS – Formulated to be both powerful and sustainably, Vitamin Bounty Pre-Workout has designed by a dozen health-industry experts to help you reach peak-performance without experiencing the side-effects associated with other brands ingredients. You’ll get immediate results when taking Vitamin Bounty Pre-Workout, which will help you lift more, pump harder, and go longer than you ever have before.
  • HIGHEST-QUALITY INGREDIENTS THOROUGHLY RESEARCH AND EXPERTLY FORMULATED – Vitamin Bounty has an industry-defining supplement’s list that is perfectly formulated for optimal results. With 2000mg of Beta-Alanine per serving, you’ll get a massive lift in carnosine levels and you’ll be able to perform high intensity workouts like never before.
  • AWARD-WINNING FLAVOR PROFILE, BEST TASTING PRE-WORKOUT ON THE MARKET – If you’ve tried other brands, you’ll know the Vitamin Bounty difference. We’ve formulated the product to taste as natural as possible while giving you the flavor and pump that’ll get you motivated to workout hard. Sugar-free and without unnecessary fillers, you don’t have to worry that you’re taking a calorie-filled drink in order to get the gains in performance you desire.
  • MADE IN THE USA – Vitamin Bounty Pre-Workout is designed, formulated, and produced in the USA. We take special care to ensure each batch of our pre-workout is tested for quality and purity, in order to provide you with the consistency and excellence you’ve come to expect from Vitamin Bounty.


Diabetes is one of the health problems that cannot be treated completely. Once diabetes happens, a person has to take care of the diet so that the blood sugar level does not rise. Rise in blood sugar levels not only depends on diet but it also depends on how much a person is physically active. This is so because our body uses glucose to produce energy which is required more when one does physical work more. Glucose if not used for long time or used less for energy production result in high blood sugar levels. People generally suffer from two types of diabetes:

Type-1 diabetes – This type of diabetes happens when pancreas produces little or no insulin at all. Due to this, body cells are not able to absorb glucose from blood and this increases level of sugar in blood.

Type-2 diabetes – This type of diabetes happens when cells are incapable of using insulin to absorb glucose from blood. It is also known as insulin resistance.

A person having pre-diabetes can use home remedies to lower blood sugar levels. Pre-diabetes is a stage where blood sugar is high and one suffers from a set of symptoms but still he/she cannot be termed as diabetic. Therefore by preventing pre-diabetes one can reduce risk of diabetes naturally. Those suffering from high sugar can use ayurvedic supplements for diabetes to control blood sugar levels. By observing the symptoms it is easy to know whether you are having diabetes or not.

Common symptoms of diabetes:

1. Frequent Urination – When there is too much glucose (sugar) in blood, kidneys take water from tissues in order to dilute the glucose in blood and this in turn fills up bladder and causes one to urinate more than normal.
2. Disproportionate thirst – To overcome the loss of fluid from body, brain signals one to drink relatively more water than normal.
3. Intense hunger – Body cells do not get glucose to produce energy due to insulin resistance. This indicates brain to eat more than required even if glucose is present in abundant in blood.
4. Unusual weight loss – In order to produce energy, body uses the stored fat which ultimately results in weight loss in spite of eating well.
5. Increased fatigue – Due to low or no production of energy, one suffers from extreme fatigue and weakness.
6. Blurred vision – High amount of glucose present in blood damages tiny vessels in eyes which may lead to permanent blindness.
7. Slow healing – Glucose present in blood slows down healing of wounds, cuts and bruises.
8. Skin problems – Loss of water from tissues leads to dryness in skin.
9. Numbness and tingling – One feels tingling or numbness in hands and feet as high amount of glucose in blood can cause heavy damage to blood vessels in whole body.

To overcome or reduce these symptoms, one can use Diabgon capsules which are completely ayurvedic supplements for diabetes. These supplements control body functions in order to reduce symptoms of both type-1 and type-2 diabetes. Thus, these capsules naturally lower down blood sugar levels. These supplements improve pancreatic functions to increase production of insulin which acts as a carrier for delivering glucose to body cells. These supplements also increase capability of body cells to absorb insulin properly. Diabgon capsules are loaded with herbs like Bimbaphal, Chirayata, Safed Musli Extract, Gurmar Extract, Vidarikan, Karela Extract, Indrayan, Methi, Jaipha, Bilva Patra Extract, Baghaphal, Sudh Shilajit, Kasondi, Jamun , Arjun Extract, Giloy, Haldi, Neem Extract and Sajjikhar. All these herbs have been selected after research and deep study.

These supplements are highly beneficial in case of diabetes and can keep blood glucose level under control for prolong time. It is suggested to use these ayurvedic supplements for diabetes for at least 3 to 4 months continuously to get the best results.

Read about Ayurvedic Anti Diabetic Pills. Also know Herbal Treatment For Diabetes Management

Muscle Milk Gainer Protein Powder, Chocolate, 32g Protein, 5 Pound

Product Description

You know your body. You know your body needs protein. You care about what you put in your body, and you make every effort to understand ingredients, benefits and functionality. You recognize that protein isn’t just about muscles or intense workouts or something you only find at the gym. Protein is fundamental to help you live and perform better.

Muscle Milk Gainer provides both rapid and sustained release proteins to help you recover and be ready for tomorrow’s workout, while supporting gains in muscle mass along with your training program.

MUSCLE MILK Gainer is a specialized product designed for hard gainers: those of us that more easily lose than gain size and strength.. Size and strength are lost when fewer calories are consumed than expended. In order to facilitate muscle growth after exercise, you need to increase your overall calorie intake, and take in high quality proteins and key nutrients at specific times. Consuming both fast and slow release proteins, like those found in MUSCLE MILK Gainer, helps keep your body in positive protein balance.

Price: $30.56

  • EVERYDAY GAINS – MUSCLE MILK Gainer is a specialized product designed for hard gainers: those of us that more easily lose than gain size and strength
  • KEY FEATURES – MUSCLE MILK Gainer Powder contains 32 grams of protein, 3 grams of leucine from milk proteins, and 650 calories in every 4 scoops (162g), the recommended usage for individuals looking to build size and gain muscle mass
  • USAGE – MUSCLE MILK Gainer Powder can be used pre-workout, post-workout or as an anytime protein-rich meal option or snack
  • GREAT TASTING SHAKE – Mix 4 scoops (162g) MUSCLE MILK Gainer Powder into 10-16 fluid-ounces water for a great tasting shake. You can also add it to pancakes, smoothies or other recipes to increase the protein content
  • WORK OUT. REFUEL. REBUILD. ADVANCE. – Consuming both fast and slow release proteins, like those found in MUSCLE MILK Gainer, helps keep your body in positive protein balance


Staying trim and healthy is crucial for most people — which is why setting up an exercise regimen is so crucial. According to research studies, only two core varieties of exercise are usually successful; as a result, it is crucial to take care in choosing the type of exercise you do.

Since so many people have trouble with the motivation to exercise, choosing the most efficient kinds of exercise is critical, due to the fact that the less time you spend exercising – and the less time you throw away on exercise that is not efficient – the more likely you will be to continue to exercise and therefore to reach your personal weight and strength target.

The first type of exercise that has been consistently shown to assist people to lose the pounds and get healthful is progressive resistance. In sum, progressive resistance is one type of strength training. It functions by progressively ramping up the amount of weight that you lift, the number of sets, and number of repetitions performed. As a result, your muscle fibers are not strained or subjected to damage – instead, they slowly and steadily strengthen without any setbacks.

Our second type of exercise that was studied thoroughly is cardiovascular training. This name is given to any type of exercise that gets the heart rate up to 60 – 85 percent of its maximum. Some examples of cardio training may include jogging, jumping rope, aerobics, or running on a treadmill, as well as other types, but it is your choice.

Even though progressive resistance and cardio training by themselves have been discovered to be highly efficient kinds of exercise, we now know that the combination is the best bet for achieving success. If you combine both progressive resistance and cardio training, you will strengthen muscle groups and develop whole-body endurance. According to a recent study, exercisers who performed both cardio and progressive resistance during a two month time period lost 45 percent more weight than exercisers who did cardio training or progressive resistance alone.

Just as crucial as the type of exercise you perform is, the way in which you exercise is also vital. It no doubt will be unsurprising that being consistent is what you should seek. Exercising irregularly may strain your muscles and will probably not assist you to build strength and endurance. In addition, it is unlikely to improve your overall health. According to most researchers, the ideal routine is to exercise for 40 minutes to an hour 3 – 5 times per week.

Unfortunately, it turns out that for a significantly sized percent of people, getting enough exercise is not as simple as dropping in at the health club 3-5 times every week or listening to what scientists write. For this group of people, the motivation to exercise is the big issue – this group of people simply doesn’t have the motivation to go to the gym. Actually, they might resist all exercise, which can lead to problematic anxiety.

Nobody knows what percentage of the American population has to deal with problems with the motivation to exercise, but researchers say that up to 20 to 40 percent of people say that they “hate” or “dread” exercise. An even larger group of people might have milder exercise motivation problems, feeling that even though it is relatively simple to commit to an exercise routine for a short period of time, motivation eventually disintegrates, leaving them back where they started – out of shape and overweight.

If you happen to be the kind of person who struggles with the motivation to exercise, fortunately, there are some easy methods to handle the struggle. In a recent study, volunteers who needed to begin an exercise program received a brief learning program that aided them to choose the right kinds of exercise, were provided with a therapist who specialized in exercise motivation, and received a brief series of sessions with a hypnotist. After six months, they were re-evaluated. Surprisingly, it turned out that over 85 percent of the participants had adhered to an exercise program during the entire six months. Even better, they generally lost an average of 15 more pounds than the control group.

If you are interested in this study, it could make sense to investigate the possibility of finding a motivational therapist, habit control therapist, or counselor who specializes in hypnotherapy. These types of therapists are provided with special training in aiding people to overcome anxieties, develop the motivation to exercise, and reinforce the development of good habits. Another possibility for exercise motivation is self-hypnosis – which is a simple and inexpensive practice that often helps individuals develop control over their own unconscious powers of motivation.

Hypnosis therapy and self-hypnosis are safe ways of increasing motivation that are proven to be successful in the case of exercise motivation. Hypnotherapy works by making use of hypnotic relaxation to elicit the abilities of the unconscious to influence behavior modification and habit development. Hypnosis therapy is a good choice for people who are exercise adverse because it is able to help increase the drive to get healthful and lose the weight easily and effectively.

Alan B. Densky, CH specializes in all forms of weight loss through hypnosis, including motivation theory CDs since 1978. Visit his Neuro-VISION self-hypnosis website and enjoy Free hypnosis newsletters, articles, and videos.

Gain Weight & Build Muscle: Diet Guide for the Skinny Guy

Product Description

Want to Learn How to Gain Weight and Gain Muscle?

You’re in the right place. This is the second book in Rivers’ series and is written specifically for the ectomorph and hardgainer who struggles to gain weight and who wants to get bigger through a correct workout and diet routine, but doesn’t know where to start.

A Breakdown of the Content

While there is a lot of advice out there for this group of people, a lot of that advice is poor. It doesn’t really provide a good diet guide for the skinny guy.

In this book, Rivers focuses on the principles that are mandatory for skinny guys in terms of diet. While a sample diet plan is included, the main focus is on how to create that diet plan through knowing what is most important for gaining weight and muscle.

What are the specifics?

The book is a short read, and you’ll get tons out of it. It is the second in Rivers’ series, so be sure to go pick up book one first. Here are a few things you’ll learn in this one:

  • The most important factor for gaining weight and muscle when it comes to your diet
  • Why it’s important to be flexible in your diet plan
  • Different food options for protein, carbs, and fat
  • Why hardgainers need to especially be careful of eating too much
  • How the calories should incrementally increase over time