When I started out training, I didn’t have much money in my wallet so I went with the same thing that most bodybuilders started out with the people like Eugen Sandow, Joe Weider, John Grimek, Jack Lalane and many other icons of the sport which was a good old fashioned barbell set. Nothing fancy about … Read more

Advanced Weight Training Tips

Weight training, also known as resistance training, is a type of exercise that involves using weights or other forms of resistance to build strength and improve muscle size and definition. While weight training is often associated with bodybuilding, it can be a valuable form of exercise for people of all fitness levels and goals. There … Read more

Best Weight Lifting Workout Tips

Weight Lifting

After twenty plus years of celebrity fitness training in Beverly Hills, California, I would like to share with you my top six, most effective, weight lifting tips. If you follow these tips, you will know you have accomplished the maximum in the least amount of time. Here are the six best muscle building workout tips … Read more

Build Big Biceps? Strong Arms And Solid Triceps?

Build Big Biceps

In every gym that you go to, you will see people pumping their biceps. Biceps along with the pecs and abs are sometimes called vanity muscles because they are the most visible and therefore commands the most respect. Invariably, when you ask someone to show you his muscles, he will probably flex his biceps. Before … Read more